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MTNA Network Report Generator

Network Reports

The MaaTec Network Analyzer offers a network report generator component for long-term network statistics and network analysis. It uses the same network statistics modules as the real-time statistics component. You can combine up to five different statistics in one network report and you can run multiple report generators at the same time. You can select different weekdays, the report starting time, frequency, and report duration for every report generator.

Report Contents Report Schedule
Report Contents Dialog Report Schedule Dialog

All settings can be saved to disk. The Network Analyzer can then use such a settings file to generate network reports in the background. You can use the Windows® Task Scheduler to automatically run the Network Analyzer with a settings filename as command line parameter.

Every statistics module that you add to the report will display its data in a separate table. You can select the column that shall be used for sorting and you can add a chart for each column of the table that displays numerical values.

Customizable Network Report Look

The layout of the network report HTML and XHTML output is defined via cascading style sheets. The Network Analyzer will copy needed files to the report target directory if these files are not already present there. Thus you can customize the look of either all reports that are created in a new directory or only of reports in a specific (existing) target directory. In the table below you will find a number of network report layout examples. If you want to use a layout for your own reports, you can download the corresponding style sheet file and uncompress it to your Network Analyzer installation directory to apply the styles to reports that are created in new directories. Or you copy the file into an existing report target directory to modify the layout of the reports in this directory only.

Standard style Small font style Alternative colors style
Standard Report Style Small Font Report Style Alternative Colors Report Style
Download style sheet Download style sheet Download style sheet

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