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The MaaTec Network Analyzer contains a number of advanced ISO OSI decoders with some special features (see below). These decoders do not only give a detailed view of the OSI packet contents, but are also used by the real-time network statistics modules and report generators of the application. Thus you can get information about many aspects of the OSI traffic in your network, e.g. total traffic per system id, total traffic per PDU type, etc. And you can combine the statistics collection with the easy to use packet filters. These allow to collect data only for specific systems or to hide non-OSI traffic that may run over the same network.

  • ISO/IEC 8473-1 / ITU-T X.233 connectionless-mode network service protocol decoder with support of encapsulated NPDUs (important to decode "virtual link" data of level 1 broken link repair paths)
  • ISO/IEC 8073 / ITU-T X.224 OSI transport service protocol with automatic detection of extended format PDUs
  • ISO 9542 End system to Intermediate system routeing exchange protocol
  • ISO 10589 Intermediate System to Intermediate System intra-domain routeing information exchange protocol
  • Checksums of all protocols are validated in the decode view
  • Easy to use OSI system ID filter
  • As other addresses, OSI system IDs may be renamed and displayed in different colors in the packet list view

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